Lovingly created recycled wood products to stylishly compliment your home. Our prices include postage and we ship worldwide!
Teak Wood Lime Squeezer
Squeeze the life of out a lime
Teak Wood Nut Cracker
Strong and effective at cracking nuts
Teak Wood Lemon Squeezer
Squeezing the life out of a quarter wedge of lemon
Teak Wood Garlic Press
Ruthlessly crush chopped garlic
Teak Wood Kitchen Giftset
Choose which products you want
Teak Wood Springy Salad Tongs
Great for serving salad or even hot toast!
Teak Wood Towel Holder
Use for tea towels, paper work - even maps!
Burmese Trekking Stick
Orginally designed for the infamous Sir Jefferey Hillpig-Smythe